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Trader Membership Benefits

Trade Membership to The Classic Car Show is amazingly good value and gives access to all sections and services. Promote your business to a global audience at our virtual Classic Car Show 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. A “stand” at “The Classic Car Show” is designed to compliment, and link directly to, your own website if you have one or to act as your internet presence if you are not yet online.

A small annual administration charge once per year is all that you pay – no hidden catches or costs – it couldn’t be simpler.

A Trade Entry Ticket costs £50 which covers administration and set-up costs. For this you will receive membership for 12 months absolutely FREE and the following benefits will be available to you:

1. Create your own “Trade stand”. This is a dedicated mini-site where you can describe your business, stress your selling points, list all your contact details and any location advice you wish to give. You can enhance your space by adding either your logo or a suitable advert. Create your stand via the “Stand Details” option on the “Trades” menu.

2. Define your business further by displaying up to ten product lines or lines of business. Each line of business can be enhanced by the edition of a logo or a suitable photo. Display your products / lines of business via the “Add a Product / Service” option on the “Traders” menu.

3. You have complete control over your mini-site. Once you have signed with your user name and password you can alter the editorial, contact details or logo whenever you wish via the “Stand Details” option on the “Traders” menu.

4. You can alter your products or line of business detail whenever you wish via the “My Products / Services” option on the “Traders” menu.

5. You can view the results of any of the above alterations via the “My Stand” option on the “Traders” menu.

6. Your “stand” will include a “Send a message” option where visitors to our show can send you a message. You will be notified by email that there is message waiting for you and the message can be retrieved via the “My Interest Messages” option on the “Traders” menu.

7. As a full member you will have available to you enhanced facilities such as use of the “My Community” section of the show (to store contact details for the clubs, dealers and other trades with whom you deal) and detailed search (such as search on car registration).

8. You can maintain your account details such as passwords and contact details via the “Account Details” option on the “Traders” menu.

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