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Standard Membership Benefits

Membership to The Classic Car Show gives access to all sections and services. We are always adding club, trade and manufacturer information to "" and it associated shows and currently list over 6000 entries world-wide.

A Standard Entry ticket is free and simply requires you to register with the show. For this you will receive membership for 12 months absolutely FREE.
A standard member has, of course, all the facilities available that a visitor has but gains the benefit of the following:

1. Display facilities – standard members can exhibit their vehicle free of charge at our show.

2. The exhibit has a display page that includes a full description including history, modifications about the vehicle and a photograph (JPEG, GIF, bmp or png can be used). You can add exhibits via the “Add an exhibit” option on the “Member” menu.

3. You have complete control over your display. Modify your display via the “My exhibits” option on the “Member” menu.

4. Read the restoration diaries of other restorers as they progress their restorations.

5. Vote for a displayed car as “Car of the Month”.

6. As a “Standard Member” you are entitled to send Interest and Knowledge messages to other members of the show.

7. View notifications of interest/enquiries about your cars. This is how someone who knows some of the history of the car (maybe a past owner) or someone interested in buying your car can notify you. It is possible that someone would like inform you of the interest to buy should you ever place the vehicle on the market. Please note that only VIP Members can use the full interactive service.

8. Availability for work. Classic vehicles are always of interest to film makers, book and magazine writers and people planning their weddings. When adding vehicles to your display you can choose to note your vehicle as available for these categories of work.

9. Forums – as a standard member, you can view any of the discussion forums.

10. Upgrade to VIP. To enjoy enhanced facilities, up to 3 vehicles, 10 images per vehicle, full forum facilities, use of the “My Community” facility, being able to promote your club by adding towards the creation of a club stand etc. - please upgrade to VIP member. A very reasonable “entry fee” (to cover and set-up costs) entitles you to a year’s free VIP membership.

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Membership Types and Benefits

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