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This exhibition pack is designed to help those who need help in presenting their vehicle to its best advantage in our show. The photographs in our online show are the total visual presentation of the exhibits and the set you enter should try to cover those details of the vehicle that a visitor would scrutinise in a physical show. The positioning and presentation of your vehicle is, of course, your choice but we have included some popular vehicle positions to act as a staring point for you. This pack also has an information section that allows you to compile the necessary information in comfort before filling in the online form.

Click here for your Exhibition Pack (PDF Format)

1. Photographs almost always look better taken in landscape format rather than portrait (unless you are emphasising a particular aspect such as the narrowness of an Austin Seven).

Landscape Photos will work with our Show better than Portrait Photos. You can use both formats, please look at the exhibition Pack.
(Full example in the Exhibition Pack)

2. Photographs to be uploaded should be in one of the following file formats – Jpeg, gif, png or bmp. Photograph file sizes are limited to 1Mbit. A file of this size is achieved most easily using the software that came with your digital camera. Most programs have a menu entitled “Image” under which there is an option to alter image size – chose a suitable size and if the option is available, choose a resolution of about 150 pixels per inch. Optimum sizes are given in the table below:

Pixel size = W 660 x H 440
Inch size = W 4.4 x H 2.9
Cm size = W 11.1 x H 7.4

3. If, for any reason, you do not want to display the registration number of the vehicle there are several way to achieve this. Remove the plates from the vehicle, cover them up on the vehicle of alternatively use the blur or smudging tools of you photography software program to hide the details.

4. Choosing the setting for your vehicle. Some tips:

The surroundings, preferably, should not include any other vehicle
The surroundings, preferably, should not include any people
The surroundings should be neutral so as not to distract attention from the display
Ensure you capture the whole vehicle in the shot

5. Shot ideas for your display:

Profile left and right
Front and rear
3/4 views
Front and rear seats from each side
Close up of the instrument panel.
Engine bay viewed from front and side
Manufacturer’s compliance plate
Particular details appertaining to that vehicle.

6. You may, however, choose to have your vehicle photographed professionally. This would, of course, be your own decision and at your own cost. Choose the priority of the photographs in your display. Choose the first photograph to be entered carefully as this will be your default large scale display.

7. The example display on the left hand side is the one that VIP Members enjoy. VIP membership allows members to exhibit with 10 photographs. Standard members can display a single photograph. In return for a small entry fee VIP Membership allows full interactive access to all the features and services in the show.

8. We hope you enjoy displaying your vehicle at its best. aarem Ltd (Global Show Company) reserves the right to remove from the exhibition any photograph that is considered poor quality, or in any way obscene or offensive. Exhibits are regularly checked for content.

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